Upcoming Opportunities to Study with Keith

The 4-Day MBA

September 22-25, 2022
Austin, Texas

This is a fact: The vast majority of business owners are sabotaging their success because they don’t have the financial optics, dashboards, structure, team, culture and leadership required to successfully manage, optimize or grow their business. Keith has 50 years of “in the trenches” experience doing just that.

The 4-Day MBA (debuted in 2007 and offered annually) is an intensive, hands-on program with Keith J. Cunningham. You will learn the critical skills needed to transition from Operator to Owner.

If you realize your business skills need serious upgrading… if you intend to break out of the whack-a-mole, pin the tail on the donkey, hair on fire management style you currently have, then this 4 Days will be priceless.

If you are stuck and don’t know how to fix the business you have, you will leave this 4 Days with extreme clarity about what needs to be implemented, corrected and executed. In other words, you will have the specific tools required to transition your business from hand-crank to a money-making machine.

The most common question I get from business owners and entrepreneurs is: “How do I grow my business and make more money.” The 4-Day MBA has been specifically designed to teach you exactly how to do that… from financial statements (which are your report card), to hiring and building a team of “A” Players, to creating a world class culture, to building an org chart that creates the leverage required to operate and maximize the machine, to growing your business and creating a sustainable competitive advantage.

Pricing Per Person: $10,995

Special Pricing Per Person: $8,995

Plan or Get Slaughtered

October 26-27, 2022
Austin, Texas

One of the biggest problems most leaders face is a lack of clarity about the annual Plan, priorities and resources to achieve the Plan and alignment with the team on executing that plan. We frequently allow our “ideas”, wishful thinking and declaration of an annual “goal” to be a substitute for a specific, actionable, measurable roadmap of critical drivers, dashboards and team required to successfully get from Point A to Point B. We tend to get confused about the obstacle that is preventing our progress and therefore, solving the problem that isn’t.

Plan or Get Slaughtered is offered one time each year for leaders and management teams to take two full days out of their schedule and think through the outcomes, deliverables, priorities, action items and resources required to turn a description of the destination into a roadmap for success.

Pricing Per Person: $3,995

Special Pricing Per Person: $3,495

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