Money Follows Management

Robert Kiyosaki, in his book Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing, points out on the opening page, his rich dad’s advice on investing, “Don’t be average.” The […]

Expand the Pie Before You Divide It

In almost all negotiations, there comes a time when the parties get stuck. I have said repeatedly what I want, you have said repeatedly what you […]

The Power of Using OPM

Most people are in the “rat race” financially, going round and round, living paycheck to pay check. One of the keys to getting out of the […]

Myth #1 — Financial Freedom

Every time I speak these days, someone in the audience wants to talk about their frustration with obtaining “Financial Freedom, Passive Income and More Time.” This […]

A Solution Based Life

Everyone I know has problems. We all have things that don’t go as planned or have challenges which catch us off guard. When you stop to […]

Core Competence

It is so easy to make money when times are good, the wind is at your back and the tide is rising. In fact, for most […]

Earn the Right

In a recent interview with Fortune Magazine, Mark Hurd, the Chairman and CEO of Hewlett-Packard was asked to recall the best advice he every received. Mr. […]

Mann Gulch

On August 5, 1949, thirteen men died battling a relatively small blaze that turned deadly at Mann Gulch. Upon investigating the circumstances of why most of […]

Keith’s Log of Lessons Learned

In the late 1980’s, as the real estate market in the Southwestern part of the United States collapsed, I was wiped out, as were many of […]