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The Road Less Stupid – Advice from the Chairman of the Board

S mart people do dumb things. Here's the proof: How much money would you have right now if I gave you the ability to unwind any three financial decisions you have ever made?

Years ago, after suffering a humiliatingly large dumb tax, it dawned on me that I have a seemingly unlimited ability to hit unforced errors and sabotage my business and financial success. I suspect you do, too.

It turns out that the key to getting rich (and staying that way) is to avoid doing stupid things. I don't need to do more smart things. I just need to make fewer dumb mistakes. The vast majority of our dumb tax is a direct result of emotional, overly optimistic and poorly thought out decisions. Every one of those three decisions you would love to unwind was an avoidable mistake.

Thinking is critical to sustainable success in business; said another way, business is an intellectual sport. The principles and structure suggested in The Road Less Stupid will enable anyone, (regardless of the size of the business, the currency or the industry) to run their business more effectively, make more money, and dramatically increase the likelihood of keeping that money. It all hinges on Thinking Time.

This is a business book for business readers who want to learn the principles and strategies of making great decisions and minimizing risk. The structure of Thinking Time will enable you to minimize reacting emotionally and defaulting to the most obvious "best idea" available in the moment.

The series of short chapters and subsequent Thinking Time questions are designed to maximize clarity and create better choices... either of which will result in fewer stupid mistakes.

This is the real "secret": The chance of success goes up when you think, plan, consistently execute the right things, and worry about the possibility of loss.


The Ultimate Blueprint for an Insanely Successful Business

S mall business owners have repeatedly made a faulty assumption, and this assumption is killing them: Get big to get rich. A better question would be: What did the big guys do that caused the success that allowed them to get big? The answer is not just one thing. “Business is complex and anyone who says it isn’t is trying to sell you their version of the magic pill." But there are some common denominators which drive sustainability and long term success. One of those is a willingness to think… another is an ability to measure.

Sadly, most businesses are struggling financially and they will stay that way because the owner is too busy operating and not running the business end of the business. It’s not that they don’t want to…. It’s that no one ever taught them how. Here’s the problem: You can’t run the business end of your business without business skills and tools.

As Warren Buffett said, “If you can’t read the scoreboard, you don’t know the score. If you don’t know the score, you can’t tell the winners from the losers.” Business success requires business skills and tools. Here it is on a bumper sticker: Great operators get tired. Great business owners get rich!

This book teaches you the strategies which will give you optics and enhance your ability to see the places where you’re leaving money on the table and sabotaging your business.


Lessons from the Pros on Raising Money and Igniting Your Business

I f you have a great idea for a business but don’t know what to do next, this book was written for you. Keys to the Vault: Lessons from the Pros on Raising Money and Igniting Your Business will help you finance your idea, ignite your business, and beat the odds. It covers everything you need to know, from how professional investors think to the nitty-gritty of developing a solid business plan and choosing the right legal and capital structure for your business.

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How I Do Business - Tools, Strategies & Techniques

K eith J. Cunningham’s How I Do Business is a breakthrough streaming video program that lays out proven strategies for creating the wealth you deserve. This powerful program is packed with actionable tips and strategies you can apply immediately to your business and your life.

In this video series you will:

  • Master the Key Principals of Growth
  • Learn the 5 Characteristics of Success
  • Avoid the 6 Biggest Mistakes
  • Arm Yourself with Real Financial Mastery
  • Learn How to Hire Great Talent
  • Find the $$$ You Need for Your Deals

How I Do Business also Includes:

    Classic Collection
    • Learn the seven key things every millionaire has done to create wealth
    • Learn 5 things you must do to raise all the money you want
    • Avoid the "take it or leave it" in every negotiation
    • Join the 5% of the population that has finacial independence
    • If you had the chance to ask one of the world’s leading business experts one question about your business or business idea, what would you ask? This series includes 11 interviews and 2 live presentations.


CFO Scoreboard

K eith J. Cunningham’s CFO Scoreboard Software is designed to provide the business owner with optics on the overall business. CFO Scoreboard is not intended or designed to replace your current accounting software or many of the financial metrics that a business owner may use to analyze their businesses or that are specific to an industry. On the other hand, CFO Scoreboard does provide some incredibly valuable optics and trends that can be used to make the business more profitable and sustainable. CFO Scoreboard has a very robust integrated tutorial section to answer most questions that may arise.

According to Keith, here is the key to CFO Scoreboard: If you have better optics, you can ask better questions. Asking better questions gives you the opportunity to make adjustments in your execution and performance and therefore make more money.

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$2,495 annually

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING KEYS TO THE VAULT CANCELLATION/REFUND POLICIES - Any amounts paid for Keys to the Vault product or CFO Scoreboard Software are not refundable under any circumstances. All sales are final.