How much money have you lost because you invested or made business decisions based on your instincts and emotions instead of knowing the facts?

K eith J. Cunningham’s 4-Day MBA debuted in 2007. This is an intensive, action-oriented program with Keith J. Cunningham and 100 leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world. You will learn the critical skills needed to successfully launch, grow and ignite your business.

Anyone can start a company. Making it grow in a competitive economy requires SKILLS and EXPERTISE. Every large business in the world today started out as a small business. In fact, the average Fortune 500 Company began with an initial investment of less than $25,000. Heinz started with horseradish and a horse drawn buggy. Hershey started with caramel. Sony started with rice cookers. Marriott started with a root beer stand. Proctor and Gamble started with selling candles door to door. They all started small!

The real reason they are among the largest businesses in the world today has nothing to do with the “idea” or the product the founder created and everything to do with the skills they had to grow it. Success in business has nothing to do with the idea, the product or the service being sold and everything to do with the skills necessary to EXECUTE!

Sadly, most businesses fail before their fifth birthday, and the reason has little to do with the idea. You can name any product or service, from Newspapers to Nylons, from Beer to Basketballs, from Chewing Gum to Cheeseburgers and we can find at least one person who has made a million dollars and at least a hundred people who have gone broke.

Most people don’t have someone who has “been there, done that” to ask their questions and teach them the skills, tools and distinctions used by the pros.


This program is for you if you need to learn:

  • Specifically, how to grow a successful business.
  • How to double your sales within one year.
  • What is REALLY keeping your business from being much bigger than it is today and what to do about it.
  • How to create a sustainable competitive advantage…it’s not what you think it is.
  • How to differentiate yourself from your competition and create a niche.
  • How to create and execute a solid strategy.
  • How to maximize your Profits and Growth.
  • What makes a high potential growth business.
  • The critical difference between Value Creation and Value Add and why you MUST have both.
  • How to create and sustain your Value Proposition.
  • How to turn customers into addicts.
  • Growth strategies used by every multi-billion dollar business in
    the world.
  • Discover the critical drivers of your business and what you must measure to sustain your business.
What YOU don’t know is what costs you MONEY.

If you’re investing to make money, you’re relying on either your emotions or your intellect. In two days, I will teach you to read, understand and USE the financial statements to make informed, intelligent, strategic business and investment decisions! The numbers tell a story – learn what they’re saying so you can make more solid financial decisions.

Do you feel totally out of your league when you hear these terms:

Assets, Accruals, Capitalization, Debt and Equity Financing, Financial Ratios, Key Performance Indicators?

How you will benefit…

  • Master how to read and use the numbers to avoid financial peril.
  • Learn how to spot the four critical ratios that will make or break a deal.
  • Identify the danger signals and warning signs that can cripple or destroy
    your business.
  • Understand how to anticipate and manage financial crisis in your business.
  • Learn to spot profit drains immediately.
  • Learn which reports to request from your bookkeeper/accountant.
  • Learn to budget and utilize profit-planning tools, financial forecasting and
    break-even analysis.
  • Make more informed decisions, impact the bottom line and save money.
  • Take control of your Financial Future.

You will be given the actual financial statements from a disguised Fortune 100 company. In just 30 minutes, you will be able to analyze the numbers and decide if you do or don’t want to own the stock…And you’ll be right!

Financial Literacy is for you if: 

  • You are ready to stop guessing about your investment strategy.
  • You want to learn how to make factual vs. emotional decisions in starting, running or expanding a business.
  • You need to learn the best tools and report formats to use for easy
    financial monitoring.
  • You want to learn one year of accounting.
  • You need to know how to remotely manage your business.
  • You need to analyze the numbers for acquisitions.
  • You are ready to take control of your financial future.

"For most people Hell on earth would be to meet the person you could have been."
~ Keith J. Cunningham