Achieving POWER in all your Negotiations

Anytime you are in a negotiation, you are there for one reason and one reason only: To do better than your alternatives. You are negotiating to […]

Creating a Successful Business Plan

As I discussed in the article The Power of Using OPM…Other People’s Money, most entrepreneurs get lost in the maze of figuring out what makes an […]

Negotiations are in Paradox

Have you ever been in a negotiation and gotten everything you wanted? Have you ever been in a negotiation and didn’t get anything that you wanted? […]

Money Follows Management

Robert Kiyosaki, in his book Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing, points out on the opening page, his rich dad’s advice on investing, “Don’t be average.” The […]

Expand the Pie Before You Divide It

In almost all negotiations, there comes a time when the parties get stuck. I have said repeatedly what I want, you have said repeatedly what you […]

The Power of Using OPM

Most people are in the “rat race” financially, going round and round, living paycheck to pay check. One of the keys to getting out of the […]