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T he two most significant threats faced by all CEOs are isolation and excessive optimism. The truth is: We tend to have a vacuum around us when it comes to accountability, hard questions, pushback on assumptions and candid advice. In fact, the vast majority of our ‘dumb tax’ is a result of only having one voice in the conversation when the decision got made. Blind spots are deadly! Here it is on a bumper sticker: It’s the things we don’t know, can’t see or choose to ignore that sabotage our progress and success. Nothing can replace having smart, experienced business-savvy owners as advisors who will call it tight.

The primary function of a Board of Directors is to provide a CEO with the clarity, wisdom, accountability and optics/perspective required to eliminate unforced errors, make great decisions, execute consistently and identify unsustainable risks.

Of course, a great Board of Directors will also support you with:

  • Warnings when you allow the story to become a substitute for the facts
  • Accountability for outcomes, progress and priorities
  • Asking the questions you hope no one will ask
  • Prodding for weaknesses you hope no one will see
  • Asking you to listen to what you don’t want to hear
  • Optics on looming icebergs and “What Don’t I See” risks
  • Advice and wisdom from other CEOs who have “seen this movie before”
  • Clarity about exactly what you are prioritizing and optimizing for
  • Anticipation and perspective on possible unintended consequences
  • Testing assumptions and creating additional (not obvious) robust choices
  • A sounding board for important decisions and a sanity check for new initiatives
  • Allocation of resources and prioritization on the critical deliverables that result in a stable growth platform and sustainable success

$29,995 – 2 payments

  • $14,995 – to enroll
  • $15,000 – 10/1/2021
PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING KEYS TO THE VAULT CANCELLATION/REFUND POLICIES - The cost of membership in this Board group is noted below. The approved payment plan is also noted below. Please note: The fee for this program does not include meals, transportation or accommodations at in-person meetings. With a small select group like the Founder’s Council, you are taking a seat at the table and therefore someone else is not getting to attend. There will be no refunds for missed meetings or dropouts. You are responsible for the full payment to belong to this program regardless of the circumstances. By purchasing this event, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to the terms of the Keys to the Vault Cancellation/Refund Policies for the Founder’s Council program.

CFO Scoreboard

K eith J. Cunningham’s CFO Scoreboard Software is designed to provide the business owner with optics on the overall business. CFO Scoreboard is not intended or designed to replace your current accounting software or many of the financial metrics that a business owner may use to analyze their businesses or that are specific to an industry. On the other hand, CFO Scoreboard does provide some incredibly valuable optics and trends that can be used to make the business more profitable and sustainable. CFO Scoreboard has a very robust integrated tutorial section to answer most questions that may arise.

According to Keith, here is the key to CFO Scoreboard: If you have better optics, you can ask better questions. Asking better questions gives you the opportunity to make adjustments in your execution and performance and therefore make more money.

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$1,995 for the first year
$2,495 annually after the first year

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING KEYS TO THE VAULT CANCELLATION/REFUND POLICIES - Any amounts paid for Keys to the Vault product or CFO Scoreboard Software are not refundable under any circumstances. All sales are final.